I already have a book. How else can I contribute to the $5 million goal?

You can donate directly to our projects by clicking here. Also, consider ordering books and study guides for friends!

Is there special bulk pricing?

Yes! The bulk pricing can be found in the store as well. If you would like to place a really big order, please contact store@crazylove.org for details.

I have a question regarding my order. Who do I contact?

Please contact store@crazylove.org.

What about international shipping?

We now ship worldwide! For large orders that won't process, please contact store@crazylove.org to set up a custom order or consider purchasing through Amazon, here.

What is the plan for releasing You and Me Forever in other countries and their respective languages?

You and Me Forever has already been released in the following countries:  Colombia, FranceGermany, Indonesia, Poland, Philippines, RomaniaSingapore & MalaysiaSouth Africa

Work is still underway to release You and Me Forever in the following countries: Bolivia, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Ecuador, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, Panama, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela

If you would like more information about the books for these countries or others not listed above, please contact team@youandmeforever.org.

Where else is the book available?

You and Me Forever is available most places where Francis Chan’s books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian Stores, Lifeway, Mardel, and many others. Please check with your local book retailer, and if it’s not there… ask! But at the same time, know that books ordered from our store generate more funds for our projects than those bought elsewhere.

Is there an e-book?

Yes! The e-book is available for download on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Google.

If I can’t afford to buy You and Me Forever, is there a way I can still read it?

Yes! It has been Francis and Lisa's heart from the beginning to make the book available for free to those who can't afford a copy. Therefore, there are now two options. First, you can now download the new You and Me Forever app on iOS and Android...for free! The app includes written and audio versions of the book and much more! To do so, please see the top of the Book page. Alternatively, you can also download a free PDF version, here.

What is your return policy?

Because we are trying to focus our resources on our partnering ministries, we do not have the staffing in place to handle returns. Sorry about that!